giglio klein 4661klingt noch nach

Fast 4 Monate nach der Meeresbiologischen Woche der 6c in Giglio sind die Erinnerungen noch frisch und klingen nach - zum Beispiel im Englischunterricht.


(Stefan Mader, 5. Februar 2018)

A Break from Everyday Life
by Emmanuella Addae


Few human beings, one bus two teachers, 18 excited boys and girls.

One sea, a million sights, billions have seen.

Never ending creatures, both living and dead, rest in peace.

The first time, the first day, a new adventure, a new beginning.

Joy, happiness, excitement and curiousness.

One market, one house.

On the one hand big, on the other small and old, but somehow new and gold.

Sunshine, sunset, from dawn to daybreak.

What a bold and pristine view.

Two courses a day, imagination, fantasy, spirit and passion, but mostly focus and concentration,

all needed during this time.

After a while more knowledge, more friendship, a different point of view, new perspectives.

A bloom.

He is me in a different way, and she is also me.

Recognition, awareness, but mostly understanding.

Five days, 120 hours, 432000 seconds.

Hate, love, boredom, fun, craziness, silence, excitement, enjoyment,


Diving, swimming, snorkelling, dancing, playing, walking on the beach.

Time to experience the romantic sunsets, while sitting on the hill. Darkness and calmness, yet

the sea is not silent. A good place to think of the future.

Different creatures awaken.


Last day, last evening.

Captured and saved photographs lead to minds and phones filled with memorable moments.

Sadness, happiness, tiredness, exhaustion, relief, something about these mixed feelings.

Same people on the bus. Probably a one-way ticket this time.

Back home, joy, appreciation.

Mind open for the new.

1000 things and lessons learned, 0 things will be forgotten or ever regretted.

One town, one experience, but 20 new perspectives.

Forever in our hearts, you remain, Giglio.

giglio 4661